World Finals

Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA.



Represent your community and have the opportunity to make a life-changing impact!

Are your sights set on the stars? Well get ready for more than you could ever dream of, all wrapped up in the life-changing experience that is United Nations Pageants.

Step onto the stage that can pave the way for the rest of your life as men and women from different nation vie for the ultimate title of United Nations Pageants. This is the coveted crown that inspires young women to claim their beauty and voice!

United Nations Pageants

World Finals Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA.

The 12th annual United Nations Pageants will be amazing! Our staff is working very hard to make this event one of the most exciting, captivating, and entertaining experiences of your year. We are making sure all of our delegates have the time of their lives whether or not they walk away with the crown. There are plenty of surprises in store and we can’t wait to see you in Florida USA.!


Beyond the red carpet glamour and luxurious prize package, the platform of United Nations Pageants  is synonymous with giving back. Charity and community engagement are at the core of all that we do, so get ready to meet the people that make our work truly profound. From exciting fund-raising events, to heart-warming visits, and adventures in awareness, at United Nations Pageants Winners, each of our initiatives matter.

When I was crowned Mrs. United Nations, I never expected to immerse myself in the work, and the uncertainty, I encountered during my reign. Yet through all of it, I truly feel I came out a stronger, more intelligent, and appreciative woman. I grew steadfast in my convictions and expanded my network, including friends and mentors, that has since led to wonderful job opportunities! My crown allowed me to share my passions and expand on my initiative, #RiseUp: Impact Through the Arts. Although I didn’t win THE crown of Mrs. United Nations, I can’t say I lost in anyway as a person. My journey is just beginning, and I have the United Nations Pageants Organization to thank for the bountiful opportunities that continue to present themselves to me and allow me to further grow into the woman I aim to be.

Dr Peta Ledbetter  | Mrs. United Nations

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