About Winner

Name: Teresa (Tes) Scanlon

title: Mrs. USA United Nations

How did you get started doing community service projects and activities?

I started volunteering at our local Retirement Home as a Girl Scout.  I learned from an early age when you share your time and your heart with others, you almost always receive more than you can ever give.

How much time do you currently devote to volunteerism? 

I’m always involved in a fundraiser or charity.  Whether it’s supporting a family in need, working with Women Build – Habitat for Humanity or hosting an event to help restore the health of the Chesapeake Bay, there is always something on our calendar.

How do you usually find the community service projects and activities that you participate in within your community?

Social Media of course.  Communicating in today’s world is so easy.  Everything is right at our fingertips, allowing us to work with programs and people both near and far.  Since I am a brain-tumor survivor I am very involved with Johns Hopkins Brain Tumor Research Center.  As one of their Ambassador’s. I educate both patients and their families and offer them support as they work through a very difficult time.

What was your favorite community service project and why? Describe what value you think you brought to the project.

A few years ago I was at a tree dedication when a woman came up to me, introduced herself and gave me a big hug.  She then told me that I had been the volunteer driver that transported vital organs to her hospital on the night she was blessed to receive a cornea transplant.  She was able to see again for the first time in 15 years.  Tears were definitely flowing that afternoon.

How do you plan to use your title to help others within your community?

Having this title brings with it publicity and a high public profile which is the first, and often most difficult step toward engaging and motivations others to volunteer and lend a helping hand.  My mission will continue to be all about love and community.  Nothing is more valuable than the time you share with others.  I love working with young women to help them learn life skills and understand all of the amazing options they have available to them

Describe why you think you would be the best representative of United Nations Pageants LLC as Mrs. United Nations 2015.

In short….time, experience and passionate commitment.  Good role models come in all shapes, sizes and ages.  I happen to be a “few” years older than many of our contestants, but with those years comes wisdom, practicality and a wide variety of skills.  Being my own boss affords me the opportunity to give my time as it is most needed.  To me that means supporting young women, mothers and their children whenever and wherever possible.  That’s what being Mrs. United Nations is all about.