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Name: Shahrin Rukaiya

Age: 21

Height: 155

Occupation: Student

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Why do you want to enter? Well,i think pageants are the source of empowerment character building and platform for restoring hope in people’s lives.I am a divorcee and also an ex victim of domestic violence in my ex husband’s house.I got married when i was only 17 years old.My husband’s family was forced me and my family to marry him.After one month of my marriage i came to know that he had a wife before me.After knew this i decided to come back to my father’s place.Then he started to aggrieve on me.Then after 1.5 months later i came back to my father’s place.They were trying to resend me to my husband’s place as it’s a matter of prestige to return from husband’s house in our society.All their efforts were failed because i was highly determined not to go there again.Then after 1year i got divorce from him.The journey of struggle was starting from then.People and relatives around me were starting neglected me.I was abused everywhere. I hadn’t any family advocacy to go ahead.From all that happened in my life i was learned how to be strong and work on my self confidence and to love myself more.If i have that confidence to explore myself then no one can dispirit me.Now i am continuing my study in a university.I dream to be a role model for the women in our country who are lost their hopes and decided to leave this beautiful earth for the sufferings of being a divorcee. I grew up in a rural community and there are many women who are suffering because of the lack of support and opportunity to excel.I wanna try to help that women to gain self esteem and help them to realize that they should not accept nor settle for less than what they deserve. I also wanna encourage young girls and women to raise their aspirations. It aims to inspire the next generation to expand their horizons realize, their ambitions and fulfill their career potential. In Bangladesh the longitudinal demographic surveillance system (DSS) followed, 1762 Muslim marriages in 1982-83 for 5 years to record divorces and death of spouse.The findings of the study revealed of divorced women that only 5.5 per cent divorced women are normal.Among the 200 divorced women 31.0 per cent had all kinds of psychiatric problems. Almost all (94.5 per cent) divorced women had alienation problem. My dream is to operates a shelter and crisis hotline for this women who are victims of all this violence. My passion is for volunteering.But i haven’t any source to do this.The United Nations Pageants is that platform which can make me more visible to the world.It allows me to represent all the problems to the out world and helps me to solve this and also helps me to make my country’s feckless but beautiful women to be blissful. I wish to do all this things now and much more.My pursuit is to make the world a better place by restoring hope in humanity. For all this things i wanna enter. Thank you sir.I feel so much grateful to you if you count me a part of your United Nations Pageants.