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Name: Sonia Ahluwalia

Age: NA

Height: 170

Occupation: Accuracy Checker for Pharmacy

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Why do you want to enter?
I feel proud to have been given the opportunity to represent India at Mrs United Nations after winning Mrs India Queen of Substance 2018. India is known for its diversity of culture and different religions. Having lived in such a society of togetherness I want to spread the message of peace, happiness and harmony where all can stay together united. I believe we are all equal in the world. I am looking to bring a positive impact  nationally and internationally so that the world we live in can be of peace, understanding, tolerance and respect for all including our mother nature. This pageant is about beauty, talent and intelligence and I feel it is a blend of a complete woman of substance for which I believe I can represent going forward. This pageant recognizes charismatic and talented woman and therefore will allow me to showcase my talent and dreams. This is a platform for me to empower women and help girl child education.
I want to be a role model of hope and faith. I want to help the poor and underprivileged. I want to inspire women and girl children to achieve their dreams. I want to make an impact on societies so that they can change their attitudes towards women and female children. I want to do everything possible to make a significant difference in the world to make it a better place for all as I believe it’s my time to give back to society. One of my core principles taken from my religion Sikhism is to do selfless service which this platform will allow me to do at a higher level in the world. I am thankful to the organization to have given me the opportunity to be a voice of millions of women!!