About Contestant

Total Votes: 20,000

Name: Bogdan Kamenskii

Age: 17 yrs

Height: 186 cm

Occupation: Student and Model

Vote Cast: 20,000

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I am a student of an international school, within the framework of the IB program I constantly participate in charity and volunteer projects. I know how to do very well. I am constantly developing in an honest new way. I am an active citizen of my city.

Life Ambition:
Since I am an IB school student, I am developing in all areas of knowledge, and now in my personal priority is studying global politics, because I want to connect my life with this, and contribute to the development of the world in which we all live.

Volunteer / Charity Work:
In the summer of 2021, there was an 800th anniversary in my city and I was an active citizen and together with a large team organized a city day, which was attended by the president of our country

Why did you enter the pageant?
I want to develop and be useful to society .

Which world leader inspire you?
Since I study global politics, I believe that Mohandas Karamchand is one of the greatest historical world leaders. I respect him for the fact that he showed the whole world an example of gaining independence without resorting to an armed revolution, was the greatest fighter for the freedom of his nation.

What do you like about host country India?
First of all, it amazes me that this country was founded more than 500 million years ago and it is multicultural, and more than 400 languages are spoken there. 
And there is no doubt that this country has a very ancient history, and the leader of the independence movement lived in it - Mohandas Karamchand, whom I spoke about earlier

Favourite food:
I have no preferences in the diet, I love absolutely any food