About Contestant

Total Votes: 500

Name: Johnathan T. Harris

Age: 18 yrs

Height: 179 cm

Occupation: Student and Model

Vote Cast: 500

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Biography: Young and very ambitions goal driven teenager. Passionate about charity and making a change. With a well standing educational background and future marketing and theology graduate.

Life Ambition: To be successful and make my mother proud.

Volunteer / Charity Work: Chairperson 2019/2020 of the Swakopmund Youth Organization. Focused on environmental wellbeing and child development.

Why did you enter the pageant?
I see it as a way to grow, not just as an individual but for my country as well. By having the title as Mr Teen United Namibia it not only be an honor, but will allow me to access more platform to increase awareness to certain topics that need to be brought to the front line.

Which world leader inspire you?
Nelson Mandela 
His devotion to peace, truth and love but most of all leadership is what made him a icon to be remembered. 

What do you like about host country India?
It's rich culture and magnificent architecture.

Favorite Food:
Pizza and any home-cooked meal.