About Contestant

Total Votes: 500

Name: Ashraya Karki

Age: 16 yrs

Height: 1.70 cm

Occupation: Student and Model

Vote Cast: 500

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Biography: As the son of middle class family , I had a happy childhood . My father Rajan Karki is an officer in Nepal Academy and my mother is branch manager at Siddhartha Insurance . I also have a brother and a sister .  Both of them are currently abroad . I changed different schools from Kathmandu Lincoln School to Api school finally landing on Sainik Awasiya Mahavidhyalaya from where I completed my secondary studies . As I was a shy person I didn’t have many friends and was always lost among the crowds . So to build my confidence and courage, I participated in Mr and Miss See Nepal 2021 conducted by Creative Nero Nepal Private Limited . Because of all my ups and downs, guidance from my teacher , love from my parents and platform given by Creative Nero Nepal, I am here today . Life is what you celebrate, all of it . Even the end .

Life Ambition: Pilot and model 

Volunteer / Charity Work: I donated my clothes to Orphanage in Nepal Orphan Home. I fed elderly people in Pashupati Bridda Ashram and I took part in cleaning Bagmati river.

Why did you enter the pageant?
I entered this pageant to challenge myself , to prove others that I am capable of achieving something and to build my confidence. 

Which world leader inspire you?
I am inspired by Vladimir Putin because of his capability of running a huge country with different ethnicity , culture and religion. I am also touched by how he went from a spy to president of the country due to his smart thinking and ability to grab opportunities.

What do you like about host country India?
About host country India , I like their hospitality , and their mix of culture . I like their unity and ability to stand together even though they have their separate religion, culture and ethnicity. I also like their different tourist attractions and their spicy food .

Favorite Food: My favorite food always has been mo:mo as I love it’s taste and it’s touch of spice which is added perfectly .