About Contestant

Total Votes: 500

Name: Joseph Julio Joe

Age: 19 yrs

Height: 182 cm

Occupation: Model

Vote Cast: 500

Pay Via Razorpay

Biography: I was born in Haiti my mother has the name of Chantal Verdieu and my father the same name as me Joseph Julio but without the Joe, I live in port au prince, I am in terminal in fact I have to go to the bacc at the end of the month.

Life Ambition : I want to be a model, businessman and a influencer.

Volunteer/ Charity work : teach children Bible verses and I give them food sometimes

Why did you enter the pageant ?
Because I want a visibility to become a model and I like the experience and meeting with another model and using my title to inspired young men al my age. 

Which world leader inspire you?

Vladimir Putin, Sir Nelson Mandela and  Barack Obama

What do you like about host country India?

I do like dance and food 

Favorite food: rice with chicken sauce