About Contestant

Total Votes: 18,000

Name: Sanjay Bhandari

Age: 17

Height: 178 cm

Occupation: Charity Work

Vote Cast: 18,000



I belong from Delhi I am a model , wants to become a fashion icon for youth and I will try youths to provide them platform for modelling

Life ambition to become Mr. World

Volunteer at charity events

Why did you enter the pageant ?
Because it will help me to improve my skills and I think I have the skills to be Mr. Teen India

Which world leader inspire you ?
Mr. Rohit Khandelwal Mr. World 2016 inspired me to make a career in modelling

What do you like about the host country India ?
The culture of the country and beauty of the country . The food of the country and the country with inspiring models ,actors
Favourite food : rajma chawal