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Name: Christina Williams

Age: 18

Height: 170

Occupation: Student/Model

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Why do you want to enter?  I would like to enter the Miss Teen United Nations Pageant because I am the epitome of the Pageant’s objectives as I possess the skills, talents and personalities which has resulted in me representing my country in furtherance of tourism, international goodwill and cultural harmony . I am a National Student Ambassador/Advocate who is responsible for representing the voice of all secondary students in Jamaica and has also traveled abroad to advocate for youth development and student participation in governance. I am also apart of the National Youth Council of Jamaica, Commonwealth Students Association and a chairman of a United Nations funded Youth & Technical Working Group in Jamaica . All these involvements are reminiscent of past Ms Teen United Nations such as Chelsea Grant and Cassandra Eustache who were also heavily involved in advocacy for their respective countries. Therefore, I would also love an opportunity, like these inspiring ladies before me, to represent my beloved country on another platform so I may share my experiences and most importantly garner knowledge for the glamour, the purpose and the world.