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Name: Shawnna Ballog

Age: 17

Height: 165

Occupation: Student

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Why do you want to enter? The Miss Teen United Nations Pageant is an organization that represents community service and charity work, something I absolutely love. My mentor, Miss United Nations 2015, Sherrie Gearheart, allowed me to see the positivity in life and its endeavors. Growing up in a humble home I know what it is like to be hopeless and vulnerable. Becoming an active leader in my community has given me a new found hope. This year I will complete humanitarian tours in two 3rd world countries. The first being the Philippines, this November, and the second is in Liberia, which is located in West Africa and is the 4th poorest country in the world. I hope to visit these countries as Miss Teen United Nations 2016 as I believe this will give tremendous hope and happiness to the people. In these two countries I will be spreading a message of hope and suicide prevention; which I currently do all across the USA in schools as a Spokesperson of Live Out Loud Charity. With the global outreach the United Nations Pageants offers it will allow me to further expand Blossom Mentorship, a program I created which encourages girls and teens to become a model with a purpose and a powerful leader in their community. Should I be chosen, it would be a true honor to represent my country, USA, and the world as Miss Teen United Nations 2016. I promise to do my absolute best to make this organization proud.