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Name: Richard Layne

Age: 19

Height: 160

Occupation: Student

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Why do you want to enter?
I am excited to embark on this journey for three specific reasons:
1. TO SHOWCASE MY TALENTS- as a talented, ambitious,humble and adventurous young man with a vision.I think that this prestigious pageant will give me the platform to share my talents with young people like myself and also learn from others, as a form of improving myself. Since I believe one can never ‘know it all’.
2. TO BE A POSITIVE ROLE MODEL FOR YOUTHS IN MY COUNTRY AND THE UNITED NATIONS – this pageant would give me the exposure to be of positive influence to young people, especially young men. I believe that our young people and again I stress on young males, need someone that will give them a voice and I would be grateful to be that voice.

3. TO BUILD MY SELF ESTEEM AND DEVELOP MYSELF AS AN INDIVIDUAL- being a believer in life’s purpose; to strive, to seek, and to find my ultimate purpose in life is my main goal and this pageant will help me to add to my confidence as I seek to find my purpose.