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Name: Olga Makhlevskaia

Age: 27

Height: 169

Occupation: Journalist, Social activist and Singer

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Why do you want to enter? Present Russia at this prestigious competition is very big honor for me. I want to show that Russian women are not only beautiful. They have smart and talented. The ability to be successful at work, at home and even in politics. If I win the Miss United Nations 2017 it will be one of the greatest the achievements of my life. I always try to help people, those who need some help either. I would like at this difficult time to help people around the world. For all those who need help. My dream is to go on a charity and peace mission. Beauty should not only be external. Beauty is the kindness that you want to give it to all the people, otherwise it does not make sense. In addition, Miss United Nations is a strong woman. She has a lot. I’m not talking about full equality with men. A woman should always be a woman. I believe that my dream will come true.