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Name: Meshack Howard

Age: 18

Height: 160

Occupation: Student

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Why do you want to enter? GAINING CONFIDENCE:Gaining confidence is good for any person of any age. Taking part in this pageant will surely help to build my confidence because the event will be held in front of an audience of friends and strangers.

PAGEANTRY IS A DOORWAY: The interviewing, filling-out applications, and articulation skills learned during the pageant process help in all walks of life. When applying for a job or college, all of the above acquired abilities will be very useful. To learn to speak more effectively onstage and off, consider taking public speaking courses.

A TIME OF SELF-DISCOVERY: Pageants give you a time to showcase your talent with other wonderfully artistic young people: enjoying their routines, picking up hints for improving yours, and thoroughly enjoying your moment in the limelight.