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Name: Roshni Hassan

Age: 31

Height: 170

Occupation: A businesswoman and a social activist and brand ambassador of AASCA(All Assam student’s Cultural Association).

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Why do you want to enter? Well to be very honest, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity of representing India at Mrs United Nations after winning Mrs India Earth runner up 2016.This pageant would really help me do something which all the foreign countries and India could really feel proud of me,may it be any social activity or any kind of promotions.India is a country where many religions exist and irrespective of caste,creed,color they live happily and harmoniously,I wish every country lives in harmony, I want to spread this message in a bigger and better way, by entering into this pageant it would become easier for me.The media here and the people already making me feel proud to be representing India in this pageant.It is definitely a big opportunity for an Indian daughter to be representing her country in Mrs United Nations,Jamaica.Heartiest thanks to Leon Williams for giving us women the chance to showcase our talents,fulfill our dreams and do much good for our people and countries all over.