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Name: Shinell Wigg

Age: 19

Height: 168

Occupation: Student

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Why do you want to enter? I visualize the United Nations Pageant as a platform in which I will not only develop my overall character, but take that experience outside the realm of Pageantry and into the communities of our at risk Youths. Our future depends on the how productive we are as humans, how we are able to lend a helping hand to a person in need. Being my Brother’s or Sister’s keeper is a phase that speaks volume. With the moral and emotional that i intend to gain from the United Nations Pageant, I am confident that we as a team can attack head on a lot of the issues affected our young minds of the next generation. The United Nations Pageant provides the opportunity for passionate and selfless individuals to come together in a environment in which we all posses a common goal of making the World a better place one kind deed at a time.