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Name: Rodain Richardson

Age: 18

Height: 178

Occupation: Student

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Why do you want to enter?  Vision. One word that coincides with change. Through change comes relief. The one thing these mare words have in common- is that it starts with you. I choose to enter this pageant because I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to make a impact for all those persons who think they can’t make it themselves. As a youth ambassador, I live to serve and do right by those I advocate for- by those I advocate with. For too long has the streets of Jamaica been plagued with youth violence. For too long has the scourge of poverty limit the greatness of youths. I entered this pageant because I have witnessed my close friends and family members fall to the formidable hands of violence. I entered this pageant because I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to make a change.

Growth. A word that deals with self, but takes into consideration the society. By developing yourself then and only then you can develop a society. The United Nations Pageants provides that platform, it provides that’s w holistic background for growth. Thus by choosing to take this journey, I will grow and I’ll make my society grow.
And in the end, would would I have achieved? Growth and change.
Death. Odd word to use ? Not really because it is inevitable. A young plant will grow into a gigantic tree but it will die if not nurtured properly. Yes, I am contradicting myself. The change that I’ll make does not necessarily have to fade in fact it can last a lifetime with the correct care and training. This is why I entered the United Nations Pageants, so that my message lives on in those who I came into contact with and brings life rather than death. Death by violence.
With the United Nations Pageants help, I’ll further advocate thus providing the vision necessary for change. The change that will lessen the impact of death by violence in our society.