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Name: Le Clerc Bartholomew

Age: 30

Height: 179

Occupation: Teacher, Artistic Director, Theatre Practitioner, Choreographer, Dancer

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Why do you want to enter? We live in a world in which unless we become champions for the causes of others then only we will see a decay in humanity. While this experience affords me the platform, it is my aim not only to run with the opportunity but to be the change. Until we all individually becomes the change that we want to see them will the chaos and those that are disadvantage and disenfranchised remain.

Embarking on this Journey also supplies the opportunity for me to be an ambassador of my country, to share with the world what is uniquely and ultimately Vincentian. It is also important bringing to the forefront the character traits and skill set that I would have acquire over the year, as much as it is also a learning experience